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  •   He stayed on every detail and kept us informed at every step.

      I've worked with six or seven different real estate agents over the years in four different major markets. Eliot was by far the most tenacious, most persistent, most consistent of any agent I have ever met. He stayed on every detail and kept us informed at every step. We had some very difficult obstacles to overcome moving from out of state where we needed to act quickly on a great deal, but we had not sold our home on the East Coast yet--with six competing offers on the home we wanted in Utah I can say that it was Eliot's amazing ability to be all over the situation that won the home for us. We have the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood all because of his caring and careful attention to every detail. Truly, I would recommend Eliot to help anyone who was serious about moving to Utah or within Utah.

  •   After more than two years in Utah, I was almost certain I couldn’t afford to buy a house here that I would want to live in. But I learned about Eliot’s website and filled out a form. Two days later, Eliot called me. I told him of my financial concerns, and he reassured me. Then he recommended an area mortgage broker. Within minutes I had received an e-mail from the broker. Within just a few hours I had been approved for a loan. And six weeks later I was living in a much nicer condo than I ever had thought I would be able to afford. Eliot kept me going throughout the process, answering my numerous questions or doing the homework to find the answers.


    He did an excellent job on the necessary paperwork. He was pleasant and friendly but never pushy. I recommend him to anyone looking for a house in Utah.
  •   As a lender, I have worked with hundreds of real estate agents over the years. The importance of having a good agent can’t be underestimated in the home-buying process. I have worked with Eliot on several transactions and he is great.


    Not only is he knowledgeable and responsive, but he is also always laser-focused on the best interests of his clients.
    Matt A.
  •   I appreciate your diligence and attention to detail in the support of your Clients! Many of the Agents I have worked with have not been even half as good as you. Thank you for your work and great communication to make this transaction so smooth!

    Matt K.
  •   Eliot has shown an exceptional amount of care and guidance with home buyers who are “just shy” of being able to qualify for bank financing. This is a refreshing attitude compared to the “next” attitude that prevails in the industry. If you’re shy about the process or uncertain of the right game plan, Eliot is your Realtor!
  •   My experience with Eliot was nothing short of extraordinary.

      He was knowledgeable, personable and a pleasure to have work for me and my family. He understood our needs and was able to make our home buying experience an enjoyable one.

  •   Harvest Park Group is attentive and client-centered. I recommend them to all my clients as market experts.

    Rachel T.
  •   AMAZING!!!

      If anyone is ever looking for the BEST, yes the BEST real estate agent in the world, look no further than Eliot. Received the counter offer on Christmas Eve, signed the agreement on Monday, negotiated to move in early on Saturday...closed on Tuesday. AMAZING!!!

  •   It was so nice to work with an agent that was interested in us and that had our best interest at heart."

      We were in a multiple offer situation with 3 offers on this house and Eliot gave us just the right advice to get our offer accepted.Eliot spent countless hours working with us and on our behalf. It was so nice to work with an agent that was interested in us and that had our best interest at heart. Thank you again Eliot for helping us negotiate and buy our home, we love it!

  • Eliot was just so so patient with us.
    J. O.
  •   Eliot was a huge help to us in the recent purchase of our first house. We were pretty new to the process, but he explained it all very well and helped us understand each of the many steps in the process of buying a house. He did a great job of helping us clarify what we were looking for, and evaluating each of the houses on the market that fit our parameters. The best part of working with Eliot was that he was there for us whenever we needed him and he responded super quickly to everything we needed. The market was very hot when we bought. When a good house came up on the market Eliot was able to get us in to see each one on the same day we asked about it. He helped us avoid wasting too much time and money on one house we liked that was significantly overpriced, and when the perfect house for us finally came available, he got us in to see it an hour and a half after we asked about it. It’s a good thing too, we were one of three offers put down on the first day it was on the market, and I feel like the advice Eliot gave us made all the difference in ours getting accepted over the competition. It was really great to have such a quick response in this fast moving market. The rest of the process went very smoothly and he was able to help us get a solidly fair deal all the way through. I would definitely recommend Eliot to anyone looking to buy a home
  •   Working with Eliot was a fantastic experience. He was extremely attentive, communicative and helpful. My husband and I were first-time homebuyers and even after doing tons of research, we had constant questions. He always laid things out very clearly and comprehensively. I'm so glad we chose to use an agent and that that agent was Eliot.

      He was always easy to get in touch with and ultra responsive. Utah is a competitive market right now and having someone you have to wait on could mean the difference between getting your dream home or missing the chance completely. We saw our house listed around 8:30am, went with Eliot to see it around noon and had an offer in by around 4pm on that same day. The house was only listed for 24 hours and we were one of three offers. I know a big reason that we got it was that Eliot was so personable and easy for the sellers agent to communicate with a connect to.

      Eliot knows his stuff and helped as expertly navigate every obstacle on the road to closing. Everything went so smoothly and I know that's because he was on our team. My husband and I are now in a house that we are so excited to wake up in every morning. We are LOVING being homeowners and we're so grateful for all Eliot did to help us get there.

  •   If you are looking for a great real estate agent contact Eliot Ward today. Eliot is very knowledgeable about current real estate conditions and markets. He is very thorough and accurate in his appraisals of residential and commercial real estate. Because of his dedication, professionalism and patience he made our home buying experience a pleasure. I recommend him highly and I would never consider using a different agent. If you want the best, call Eliot at Harvest Park Group.
  •   I have dealt with Agents in NYC, Denver, Jackson Hole. Eliot is very unique he is there for you through the whole process and always responds to questions. Also which is very unusual is that Eliot will point out negative things you might not notice. He wants you to be happy even if it costs him a sale. A rare find.
  •   I have worked with Eliot for many years and would highly recommend him! He always puts his clients needs first, navigates difficult situtations very well, and is always professional.
  •   Eliot makes looking for a new home a pleasure. He was very helpful and listened to what we wanted in a residence. I would not hesitate to use Harvest Park Group again.
  •   Eliot is a true professional and is always looking for ways to improve. His passion and joy for real estate is evident in the way he talks and conducts business. I look forward to our continued partnership.
  •   Eliot was amazing in regards to the sale of our house and purchase of our new house. Very professional in every aspect and always kept us informed and up-to-date at every point of the process which meant that our overall experience was very good. I would 100% recommend Eliot as an agent if you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and easy to deal with!
    Garth Wolstenholme
  •   Eliot Ward is an absolute professional. We have had the pleasure of working with him and his clients over the years. Eliot has always shared awesome marketing opportunities with me to help with my business growth along with his. I would highly recommend Eliot Ward.
    Jolene Lehman
  •   Eliot was so much more than an agent, he was there late night and early, he did contract work, help move, etc. He did so much. Love working with him.
    Dan Van Orman
  •   If you're looking for a great to Eliot
    Sandra Perkins