The process of buying a home in Utah can seem complex.  This video talks about buying Utah homes and answers some common questions that come up. It also explains how Realtors, lenders, inspectors, escrow officers, and others all work together to help you buy your home in Utah and make it a great experience for you.

Video Transcript

So you’re thinking about buying a home in Utah. There are a lot of people involved in the homebuying process that you should be familiar with, Real estate agents, lenders, inspectors, and escrow will all play a role in your home purchase. So let’s talk a little bit about what these people do.

You are going to want to find a real estate agent who is a Realtor, because not all agents are. Realtors have a higher standard that they are required to follow. Your Realtor is going to research the right properties for you, run down appointments and showings, negotiate prices and contract terms and take the time to answer any questions that you may have.

As a buyer you want to have a different agent than the one who represents the seller. With your own representation, you will know that your Realtor is working specifically for your interest. The great part for the buyer is that the seller pays the commission for both agents, that means you as the buyer pay nothing to your agent.

Next, you will want to contact a lender. Lenders can be banks, mortgage companies and credit unions and your Realtor can give you a few recommendations if you need them.

The lender is going to ask you about your employment, your assets, and your income and once you put together an application, they will work on getting your loan approved and getting you a preapproval letter so that you can start house hunting.

Once you and your Realtor have found the perfect home for you and you make an offer (and it’s accepted), it’s then time for you to hire an inspector.

The inspector checks the exterior and interior of the home and will provide you with a written report of the homes condition. You can then decide if you want to ask the seller to make repairs or reduce the listing price to make up for any issues the inspector finds. Working in the background we have escrow and title.

The title companies do research to ensure the home’s ownership can be legally transferred to you and escrow manages the closing process according to your contract. They coordinate getting your down payment money and the banks money safely to the seller as well as getting you the legal title to the home.

So that’s just a quick introduction to all the people involved in helping you buy a home in Utah. You will certainly want to learn more. And remember your Utah Realtor is your first point of contact for any questions that you may have.

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the call of duty for or clients, so please don’t hesitate to ask for anything you need. The buying process in Utah can be complex.

We hope this video has helped explain it a little more. Please call, text, or email us anytime and we look forward to helping you find the perfect home!






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