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Salt Lake City, Utah offers a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit any budget and preference. Whether you want a small starter home or a sprawling mansion, a home close to the ski hills, or a short commute, Salt Lake City has it all. 

Use our top 10 list of neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, Utah to match neighborhoods to your preferences and simplify your home search. You can find the ideal home within your budget and enjoy the amenities our city has to offer. Just take a look at a few of the top neighborhood choices.

The Avenues

The Avenues is one of Salt Lake City’s oldest communities just northeast of the downtown core.

It offers an eclectic mix of Victorian houses, brick bungalows, and framed cottages, It has a cosmopolitan feel, and it’s a great alternative for people who want to avoid a commute.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City The Avenues

Salt Lake City uses a grid plan and “The Avenues” refers to the numbered avenues running east-west throughout this section of the city running upwards near Capitol Hill. Homes on the Lower Avenues tend to be less expensive, while those on the Greater Avenues offer sweeping views of the city, large family homes, and steeper price tags.

The Avenues is an ethnically diverse, tightly-knit community with plenty of amenities. You can easily walk or cycle to restaurants, coffee shops, yoga and Pilates studios, and spas.

It has a lively vibe, plenty of schools, and it is popular with families since it is safe and offers plenty of green space by way of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Young professionals appreciate the easy access to the downtown core via public transit too. It’s a great place to call home if you want to shop local, shorten or eliminate your commute, and want to live in a welcoming community.

Quote From Local Resident - As you drive north from 1st Avenue to 18th Avenue, you get to experience the chronological development of Salt Lake City through its architecture, starting with stately Victorian homes at the base of the hill (circa 1890's) and ending up with Mid-Century modern mansions at the top of the hill (circa 1960's) with a few new homes mixed in for good measure. This gives the Avenues an eclectic vibe, and it doesn't have the cookie cutter feel of planned developments found elsewhere in the city. 

Population: 19,751




This small urban area offers a rare collection of well-maintained English Tudor, English cottages, Spanish Colonials, and French Norman-style homes.

The tree-lined streets, safe, quiet ambiance, and stunning views of the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains, make it a very desirable location for home buyers.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City Yalecrest

With decent access to public schools, Harvard, and Yale and a very European feel, it tends to appeal to more affluent buyers wanting mid-range to high-end, well-appointed luxury homes. 

With a good selection of stores, restaurants, easy access to the schools, the University of Utah, Yale Park, and Yale Gardens, it is a favorite for families and professionals. 

It also a short commute to the downtown core, whether driving or using public transit. Commuters can ride the Green and Purple Routes of the University of Utah commuter line for free and connect to the UTA TRAX.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood with rustic charm and want a home that makes a statement, Yalecrest is a great option.

Quote From Local Resident - This is the nicest neighborhood in Salt Lake City! It is diverse, easily walkable, has access to downtown and the great outdoors. If you are thinking of living in Salt Lake City, you need to check out this neighborhood. 

Population: 3,963




Wasatch Hollow

This small urban residential community with tree-lined streets offers mid-range homes in a safe, quiet neighborhood.

They’re well-maintained with excellent access to public schools, so it’s not surprising it’s popular with young families. However, Baby Boomers and Millennials appreciate it’s friendly, welcoming nature and proximity to local shops and good restaurants.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City Wasatch Hollow

Perhaps its biggest attraction to the area is the access to natural areas along Emigration Creek which runs through the district. The 11-acre Wasatch Hollow Preserve includes meadows, towering trees, trails and a pond. This oasis amidst the city is the ideal place for recreational activities, picnics, and nature walks.

It’s a short 15-minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City and cyclists can get there within half an hour.

Wasatch Hollow is best suited to those who want to live in an area with less congestion and more green space.

Quote From Local Resident - Quiet, safe, walkable - what more can you ask for? Homeowners take pride in ownership and it shows in how they care for their lawn, home, etc. It is a great place to raise children as it is diverse and has tons of good schools around. 

Population: 3,140




This small, primarily owner-occupied residential area offers windy lanes and beautiful homes.

Houses range from the upper mid-range to extravagant in this attractive area at the base of the Wasatch Range. 

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City Foothill

Most of the homes in this area offer plenty of space, fantastic views, privacy, and the area has the lowest crime rate in the city.

It is primarily a car-oriented community with about a fifteen-minute commute to the city center, but you can grab the Salt Lake City Central Station train and arrive downtown in about forty-five minutes.

This affluent neighborhood has easy access to elementary, middle, and high schools, so it’s a great place to raise a family.

You’ll also find the Bonneville Golf Course, Wasatch Hollow Open Space, Hogle Zoo, and hiking and skiing nearby. The area has a limited selection of quality dining and shopping options at the Foothill Village too.

The Foothill neighborhood suits people who want a safe community, and a substantial, stylish home and a good view.

Quote From Local Resident - This is a very safe and friendly neighborhood. I highly recommend it! 

Population: 1,683



Sugar House

Sugar House is a safe and quiet community and a hotspot for middle-class homeowners.

It’s close to the University of Utah and Westminister College and has a decidedly young, vibrant flavor. It was once home to a sugar beet test factory, hence the unusual name.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City Sugar House

This area features many 1920s homes suitable for renovation and trendy mid-century bungalows. It is a highly desirable area, because it is close to downtown, but offers every amenity you could ask for and streets lined with sycamores.

Today’s Sugar House is friendly, with artisan flair and a local vibe. This makes it very popular with families, young professionals, or anyone who likes to shop locally. The area also offers a great selection of quality public schools, including five public elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.

People who live in the area enjoy it because is close to the heart of the city, but it is also a strong community with a hip vibe. You can drive to downtown in 10 minutes, and it’s easy to access the mountains, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding too. Sugar House also offers great transit connections and the S-Line streetcar which connects with TRAX.

Many residents bike to university or college or cycle 5 minutes into the city, but spend their dollars close to home in the local restaurants, bars, boutiques, and bookstores. 

Even though Sugar House has a wonderful family vibe, it also caters to those who want to venture out during the evening for fun. It is home to several of the top ten bars in the city including Fiddler's Elbow and the Campfire Lounge.

This eclectic neighborhood also offers the huge Sugar House Park, with bike trails, lakes and forest, and stunning views. Go for a run, walk your dog, feed the birds, or go sledding in the winter.

The Sugar House neighborhood appeals to people looking for opportunities and community. Residents claim the area feels small town, even though it is near the heart of the city.

Quote From Local Resident - I'm less than five minutes to the heart of Sugarhouse, ten minutes to downtown, and ten minutes to southern Salt Lake County. Beyond convenience, I like the overall atmosphere and vibe of Sugarhouse. I like the abundance of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Population: 41,029



Capitol Hill/Marmalade

Capitol Hill is home to the Utah State Capitol building which sits high above Salt Lake with sweeping views of the entire city.

It is also a thriving neighborhood with a mixture of Gothic and Victorian homes that attract older residents, young families, and professionals due to its greater location and connections to the rest of Salt Lake City.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City Capitol Hill/Marmalade

Well-connected by bus and train with easy access to the downtown core, airport, the University of Utah, and south or north of the valley, it also offers stunning natural beauty and the ultimate combination of urban and rural landscapes.

The natural highlight of the area is Ensign Peak and below Memory Grove Park, with Bonneville Shoreline Trail passing through it. The park is the ideal place for biking, walking, dog walking and running.

Marmalade is a district within Capitol Hill that offers more modestly-priced homes and a friendly atmosphere. Consequently, it attracts many young families, young professionals, and seniors. It’s very diverse and has a large LGBT community, plus the offers affordability. Fruit trees line many of the streets here too, but it is far from sleepy. It has a lively nightlife too.

The Capitol Hill and Marmalade neighborhoods suit people who welcome diversity, a bit of nightlife, and transportation connections. They’re historic and offer green spaces and room to live.

Quote From Local Resident - I LOVE this neighborhood! I plan to live this neighborhood forever. Everything is so easily accessible by walking and I can even take the train to work. 

Population: 13,516



9th and 9th

9th and 9th is a hip residential near Sugarhouse with many long-term residents, young families, and millennials.

It offers many cafes, restaurants, yoga and pilates studios, boutiques, and streets lined with outdoor art.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City 9th and 9th

The once sleepy neighborhood now buzzes with life. The attraction is the many affordable two-story bungalows, Victorian houses, and condos in the area, plus locally-owned businesses and culture. With just ten-minute commute by car and 20 minutes cycling, it offers convenience near the core without the congestion.

With plenty of room to walk, bike, or run in sprawling Liberty Park and room to relax in nearby Richmond Park smack dab in the center of the community, you might forget you’re so close to downtown Salt Lake City.

9th and 9th suits people who love small cafes, unique shops, and access to arts and culture. It’s vibrant and fun, and anything but boring.

Quote From Local Resident - Incredibly unique area. I love walking around here. It has a very local feel with lots of local businesses. There are tons of places to grab a coffee and relax on a patio. 


Cottonwood Heights

Cottonwood Heights is a suburb of Salt Lake City, just between the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Mountains.

While Cottonwood Heights is technically its own town, it is worth a mention because of what it has to offer. It offers easy access to four top ski resorts: Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and people who love space.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Cottonwood Heights

You’ll also find the Cottonwood Height Recreational Center in the area with a pool, gym, basketball, tennis, and racquetball courts, ice-skating rink and fitness classes galore. 

Real estate generally appeals to the upper-middle-class families with older children or empty nesters, but you’ll find accommodation at all price points. It offers decent access to public schools, and it is a very safe, clean area. It’s quiet but still has a decent nightlife with plenty of good restaurants.

Cottonwood Heights is about a 30-minute commute to the University of Utah and downtown Salt Lake City.

This neighborhood appeals to fitness and outdoor enthusiasts and it’s a great place to raise a family.



Rose Park

Rose Park is a very small community in the north of the city.

It is very economically and culturally diverse with plenty of green space. In recent years, it has seen a surge of young families attracted by the reasonable prices and renovation opportunities.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City Rose Park

This area is very quiet with proximity to the downtown core and the airport. First-time home buyers often buy a small, post-war brick cottage with a large lot to get into the Salt Lake City real estate market. With plenty of good public schools and easy access to the freeway, it’s a good choice for young family professionals working downtown.

Cyclists can get around easily here too. Riverside Park taps into the Jordan River Parkway bike trail. You’ll also find the 18-hole Rose Park Golf Course nearby and Rosewood Park too, ideal for a quiet outing.

The Rose Park neighborhood suits first-time home buyers, empty nesters, and young families that want a safe, quiet place to call home and reasonably-priced properties.

Quote From Local Resident - My family lives in Rose Park and we love it! Rose Park offers a convenient location, affordable housing, awesome neighbors, cultural diversity, and decent schools. 

Population: 12,970



Bonneville Hills

Bonneville Hills is a safe, quiet neighborhood favored by young couples, families, and professionals.

It’s almost totally owner-occupied homes and a step away from the action, but that’s what appeals to most people that live here.

The Top 10 Neighborhoods In Salt Lake City Bonneville Hills

Homes here are older and well-maintained with tree-lined streets and easy access to major thoroughfares. Whether you need to head downtown, onto the freeway, or out for a meal, access by car is only minutes away. Nearby Sugar House has excellent restaurants and a buzzing nightlife, but Bonneville Hills has a few choice restaurants too.

If walking is more your thing, you can reach Foothill Village for shopping in less than 20 minutes and to the University of Utah in about half an hour. The area also has two dedicated bike lanes running north-south.

Home prices vary widely here, but they do tend to hover around the mid-range and upwards. However, with access to many public schools, parks, and the Bonneville Golf Course, it has plenty to offer.

Population: 2,583



Choosing a Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent

The neighborhoods listed are some of the most popular, but Salt Lake City has many others that may interest you. Let a skilled real estate agent match properties to your needs and show you what this great city has to offer.

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Harvest Park Group provides you with the edge you need to find and buy your ideal home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact us - we’re here to help.

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