Because of its rich history, Utah boasts a unique mix of design and architectural styles. From craftsman bungalows to modern minimalism, there is a wide array of designs to choose from as you browse homes for sale in Utah.


Here are six of our favorite styles:

1. Victorian

Victorian-style home covered in snow

In the late 1800s, Utah citizens transitioned from a traditional pioneer look and started to build in the Victorian style. Victorian-style homes feature curved lines, gothic influences, and high levels of craftsmanship in their ornamentation. You can still find Victorian-style homes throughout older cities, most notably in the Lower Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City and the central streets of Provo.

2. Bungalow

Gray bungalow-style home

As Salt Lake City’s population rapidly grew in the early 20th century, the bungalow style became popular to accommodate smaller homes. With multiple styles within the bungalow design umbrella, including craftsman, Tudor revival, and Californian, there’s a large variety of bungalow homes for sale in Utah. Bungalows traditionally utilize their indoor space with built-in storage spaces and an attic underneath the pitched roof. With updated interiors, it’s common to find the attic space turned into an extra room nowadays. You can still find bungalows around the state, especially in city centers and Sugarhouse neighborhoods.

3. Post-War Modern

White post-war modern home surrounded by grass and trees

After WWII, families started moving to the suburbs. The post-war modern architecture was born as a response to the small bungalows and more land to build. This style has minimal ornamentation and a box-like shape with 90-degree angles. A post-war-style home is traditionally called a rambler or a ranch house. These homes are plentiful in Utah suburbs. Some include updated interiors, while some owners have tried to preserve the mid-century design inside. However, these one-story homes are so popular that you can also find them as new construction homes in Utah without the mid-century interior design.

4. Rustic Mountain Modern

Rustic mountain modern cabin surrounded by trees and rocks


You can find a rustic mountain modern design in the mountain and resort cities of Utah. These homes use natural materials such as wood and stone to highlight the surroundings and are often left unpolished and raw to more fully match the terrain. However, this isn’t your typical log cabin; this home style combines rustic materials with clean lines and finishes of contemporary design to create a resort-like feel. The style also typically includes large windows to allow homeowners a more immersive, natural experience. These homes are more luxurious than most and are plentiful in places like Park City and near Sundance Resort in Provo Canyon. Make sure you have an experienced agent when preparing to place an offer on a home like this. 


5. Modern Farmhouse

 Interior of a home with a modern farmhouse design

The demand for homes continues to rise in Utah, which has led to many suburban homes being newly or recently built in contemporary styles. The modern farmhouse look is one of the most popular styles today. Inspired by country and traditional farmhouse styles, the design maintains the same warm, open, and cozy feel. However, the modern farmhouse style differs thanks to a more neutral color palette and fewer rustic elements. Instead of sleek designs, modern farmhouses boast exposed wood and a mix of textures in their style. You’ll find these styles of homes throughout the state in suburban areas, especially in newer neighborhoods and in new construction homes in Utah.

6. Modern Minimalism

White minimalist kitchen and living room

Modern minimalism is another contemporary style you’ll find. Minimalist architecture is free from any ornamentation or flourishes. The heart of minimalism is “aesthetic restraint,” and the idea is to only include the essentials. You won’t find anything extra without a specific purpose. Inside a modern minimal home, you’ll find storage solutions to reduce clutter as much as possible and a monochromatic palette, with accents of color. Like modern farmhouse-style homes, you’ll also find a modern minimal design in recent and new construction homes in Utah. 

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