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A Relocation How To Guide

Whether you are relocating to Salt Lake City from across the country, another state or just a county over, there are many factors to consider. Here at Harvest Park Group we are committed to helping clients easily make the transition. Beyond connecting you with the perfect home that fits your needs and lifestyle, our goal is to ensure all the questions you may have about your new city are answered. 

This guide serves as a general overview of some of the most frequently asked questions for those who are relocating to Salt Lake City! 

I’m moving to Salt Lake City, Utah. How do I find the perfect home? 

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First things first! Now that you are beginning your relocation process, finding a home that meets your needs and falls within your budget is the crucial first step. When considering a new city, trying to find a neighborhood that aligns with your lifestyle can feel like a daunting task. At Harvest Park Group, we understand that finding a spot that best suits your family, whether its near great schools or close to a potential workplace, will be a major factor in your adjustment. 

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Find your dream home in Salt Lake City Utah

What is the cost of living in Salt Lake City? 

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Affordability is an important factor when relocating to a new city. Knowing that the cost of living is will greatly aid in budgeting for a new house and new life. According to, on average, living in Salt Lake City will cost approximately 6% less than other cities in the United States. Factors such as housing, transportation, groceries and taxes are all taken into consideration when calculating these percentages. 

Though certain areas tend to be slightly above other parts of the nation, a large number of categories are significantly lower, making Salt Lake City pretty on par with the national average. 

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What’s the best way to find a job in Salt Lake City?

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Though many people choose to relocate to a different city because of work, some come in hopes of finding their dream job. Salt Lake City has a diverse economic landscape that offers a wide variety of jobs and career opportunities for employees just starting out to those in executive roles. Landing the ideal job may feel daunting, however, with the vast range of employers in Salt Lake City, there is sure to be ample opportunity for all. 

Salt Lake City’s stable economy provides a number of career choices for those seeking employment. Currently, the unemployment rate is a full percentage point lower than the national average. The projected job growth over the next 10 years is also higher than the national average, seeing a forecasted 39.9% increase. 

Some of the industries that dominate Salt Lake City’s economy include Retail Trade, Manufacturing, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, Education Services, Foods and Accommodations and Health and Social Services. 

There are a number of notable companies in Salt Lake City such as Delta Hub at the Salt Lake City International Airport, Intermountain Healthcare, Sinclair Oil Corporation, Myriad Genetics, and Salt Lake City is home to two Fortune 500 companies, Zions Bancorporation and Questar Corporation as well as a number of headquarters for large national chains. 

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What are some of the amenities the city of Salt Lake has to offer?

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Salt Lake City is rich in amenities from shopping, dining, outdoor activities and entertainment to necessary services such as healthcare, public recreation centers, and libraries. For those considering a move to the city, knowing all the amenities it offers can help with a smooth transition. 

Some notable amenities that Salt Lake City offers are:

Salt Lake City International Airport - The Salt Lake City International Airport is the 23rd busiest airport in the entire United States and services travellers from all over the world. Conveniently located 5 miles from the downtown core, the Salt Lake City International Airport consists of a general aviation runway as well as 3 carrier runways. The airport features 2 terminals, 5 concorses and 71 aircraft gates. Residents of Salt Lake City enjoy the easy of travel to and from the Salt Lake City International Airport to destinations all around the globe. 

Salt Lake City Public Library - There is no shortage of Library access in Salt Lake City. The city is home to a main public library as well as 8 further branches set throughout the city. The Salt Lake City Public Library offers all traditional library services as well as an abundance of programs, classes and events in hopes of connecting the community together and to the love of learning. Kids programs, book clubs and seasonal events are held continually promoting those of all ages to take an interest in literature and reading. 

Salt Lake City Medical Buildings - Salt Lake City consists of a number of medical buildings and hospitals that feature state of the art technology and services to provide to patients. While never wanting to need use for the hospital, residents of Salt Lake City take comfort in the knowledge there is ample care readily available. A large part of the medical field and services in Salt Lake City are provided by the University of Utah’s medical program. U of U houses a number of medical centers such as the University of Utah’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. Some other medical offices in Salt Lake City are the George E. Wahler Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the Shriners Hospital for Children. 

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Find your dream home in Salt Lake City Utah

I have children, what is the Salt Lake City’s school system like?

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For those people coming to Salt Lake City with children, the school system will play a crucial role in deciding where they live and which schools their children will attend. The Salt Lake City School District understands the importance of great education and that it lays the foundation for future success. With the exception of Alaska, the state of Utah spends the most money per capita on education. Beyond what national funding the schools in Salt Lake City recieve, the businesses and residents routinely donate directly to the school system to aid with programs and revitalization. 

The Salt Lake City School District currently operates twenty-three K-6 Elementary Schools, five 7-8 Middle Schools and three 9-12 High Schools. Dotted throughout the city, these schools strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere with a focus on excellent education and student success. 

For families that are interested in alternative education options for their children, Salt Lake City is home to a number of Catholic Schools and Alternative Education Schools. Offering religious based approaches or focusing on performing arts, these schools are available to students seeking out education options outside of the public school system. 

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I require the use of Public Transportation! What’s available in Salt Lake City? 

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Public transportation availability is a major factor for many people who relocate to a new city. Whether travelling for work or pleasure, having access to public transportation is necessary for many residents. The city of Salt Lake understands this necessity and in 2011 was recognized as the nation’s third best transit system at connecting people to jobs and job opportunities. 

Salt Lake City’s mass transportation system is operated by the Utah Transit Authority and features buses, commuter rail and light rail options. Beyond hitting all areas of the city, the bus systems also connects travellers with neighboring cities and communities. During the winter months, the bus system also connects with ski resorts in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon as well as Provo Canyon. 

The rail system that operates in Salt Lake City quickly allows commutes to travel around the city and to surrounding areas. There are a total of 50 stations, 23 of which are located within the city’s limits. 

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Find your dream home in Salt Lake City Utah

I’ve made it! Now what is there to do? 

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Salt Lake City is full of exciting events, dining options, shopping locations and recreation opportunities! The city is known for being a ski lovers destination and features a number of parks, trails and golf courses. 

Great things to do in Salt Lake City:

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort - Avid skiers will definitely want to check out the impressive slopes at the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. With over 2,500 acres of property and a jaw-dropping 3,240 foot vertical drop, enthusiasts from all around the world come to hit the slopes. Beyond the winter months, the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort features warm weather activities such as hiking, biking, fishing or ziplining. 

Hogle Zoo - Come visit over 800 animals that reside at the Hogle Zoo. With the newly opened African Savanna exhibit, visitors of Hogle Zoo can feed giraffes, rhinos and gorillas. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are readily available to help teach and tour around the zoo and the expansive enclosure allows for free roaming of animals. 

Clark Planetarium - located in the downtown core of Salt Lake City, the Clark Planetarium offers a chance to see the stars! Discover and explore the exhibits on Earth, near Earth and beyond. The Clark Planetarium features a 6 foot Earth globe, a chance to create volcanoes, and the ability for visitors to see the largest moon rock on public display. Interactive opportunities and informative staff make for a truly memorable visit. 

Red Butte Garden - housed at the University of Utah campus, the Red Butte Garden is the perfect place for a scenic stroll or tranquil morning. Filled with numerous landscaped plots, sparkling fountains and well cared for walkways, visitors of the Red Butte Garden have a chance to see nature at its finest. 

Eaglewood Golf Club - Situated in the hills of the Wasatch Front, the Eaglewood Golf Club offers golfers a chance to test their abilities on each of the tees. Stunning surroundings and manicured greens have visitors returning to the course time and time again. 

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Moving can be a monumental experience for individuals and families alike. Transitioning and adjusting to a new home, city and way of life takes time, however, at Harvest Park Group our aim is to ensure your move is as comfortable and stress free as possible. We are committed to providing as much information and resources as possible to our clients allowing them to feel confident and excited about their relocation to Salt Lake City. 

Find your dream home in Salt Lake City Utah